Director of Operations

Doug was born in the small town of Delia, Kansas, a bedroom community that orbited Topeka, where he was raised Catholic. To some degree, he was always skeptical of the Bible, but his first crisis of crises happened in high school when he confronted the fact that the morality of the Bible did not agree with many of the moral lessons he was taking from comic book super heroes. He left the church entirely when it became evident that its idea of “social cohesion” and community became too hollow to ignore. Being in the church did not mean one wasn’t still isolated from the world. On leaving religion behind, Doug has this to say:   
"Leaving the church was easy, because there was literally nothing in the church to have, save losing a few hours each Sunday bowing and scraping to a fictional deity. To be filled in a crowded room, and yet say nothing to no one. It wasn’t until I found Oasis, did I find that there is the ability to build community – actual community. A community that involves friends doing more than just talking about last night’s game. And for someone who was never able to build a family of his own, this community is a life line to humanity itself. So, I am pleased to contribute back to the community, and to do what I can to make that community stronger. So that none of us have to be alone in a world filled with people we can’t talk too."